Stop Being Controlled By Your Hormones

From preventive care to chronic issues, our Stop Letting Hormonal Imbalances Ruin Your Life Masterclass addresses a multiple spectrum of hormonal conditions.

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Stop Wasting Your Time And Money Soothing Your Symptoms And actually Fix Your Problem

What would it be like to……

Without being stopped by......


Because you've gained access to a class that saves an incredible amount of time by giving you tips and strategies to quickly take back control of your life.


Because you have spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars in the past with doctors and programs that don’t deliver and now there is a solution for a very affordable price that will get you results in 10 weeks or less.

Having specialized skills to solve your problem

Because you've gained access to a masterclass and the knowledge you need to address the root causes of your neurohormonal issues.

A Lack of knowledge/awareness about your health

Because you will acquire a deeper understanding and awareness surrounding your neurohormonal issues and the solutions to improve your health.

Your mindset or lack of belief that this will work

Because you will now have the mindset required to improve your health, and understand the science and evidence based strategy behind this solution that has worked for thousands of women like you! You simply need a strategy that works.

If this sounds like you, I have good news, It’s possible to:

It’s possible to stop feeling “stuck” with your health issues, wanting freedom from your worry, fear, overwhelm, and the sense that you are falling apart.  

You really can “get” the process and understanding to tackle your health issues, and feel good about the way you’ll approach them. Control over your problem starts with clarity of the root causes and a definitive solution that will offer you a pathway to wellness once and for all.

I too was like you many years ago.  I had questions for my conventional medicine doctors and none were answering them.  None of them could give me the reason WHY I felt the way I did.  None of them offered a viable natural solution that I resonated with.  I knew there were other ways to solve my problems.  I set out in search of holistic medicine because I knew taking a pharmaceutical drug would only mask just the symptoms and before I knew it, the problem would rears its’ ugly head again, much bigger than it was before.

Wondering how it can be accomplished to have a solution so you can be on pathway to feeling like your old self again?  Let me introduce you to…..


Stop Letting Hormonal Imbalances Ruin Your Life Masterclass

An hour and twenty minute long masterclass that provides a personalized, custom treatment protocol that teaches how to increase energy and balance neurohormones using functional medicine testing.

Your burning questions are answered thoroughly as you progress through the program and are taught why a hormonal imbalance is the root cause of your health issues, how that imbalance is expressed physiologically, and what you can do to fix it, all in simple to understand terms with actionable solutions. 

This valuable education connects all the dots for you. When I was personally going through these issues myself, I wanted all the answers in one place, and that’s exactly what I’m offering you: Everything you need to know, all together, centered on helping you achieve your health goals. 

Without this clarity, you’ve had a difficult time piecing together the answers to your problems. You were probably dealing with people that didn’t have the time to explain, didn’t know how to explain, or didn’t even know what to explain. So they resorted to a “band-aid” solution that felt uncomfortable and did not resonate with you. Invariably it was the wrong treatment for your problem…. prepare to look at your health in a whole new way.

This masterclass was created to help you

Imaging how it feels to solve your health issues naturally with confidence?

It means…

Experiencing higher energy levels than you did before, and maintaining them steadily from dawn to dusk. Each passing day on the program feels better than the last.

Having clarity and focus; organized and confident that you now have the viable solution to stop feeling “stuck”.

Having the answers to the questions that, until now, seemed unanswerable. Armed with knowledge, understanding and case studies, you are empowered to not just fix your symptoms, but resolve their root causes which have plagued you for all these years.

So you can experience….

And help you to…

Become a hormonal imbalance Expert

The Stop Letting Hormonal Imbalances Ruin Your Life Masterclass is...

Easy To Understand

Absolutely zero health knowledge is required. If you have the desire to learn, you can understand how Dr. Dabu breaks the issues down.

Results Oriented

Students learn about the root causes of hormonal imbalances from different points of view. They then learn easy tips to keep hormones balanced. Imagine knowing exactly what action steps to take 1-2 weeks from now rather than still being stuck where you are now, trying to figure it all out on your own.

Affordable To Implement

I understand personally what it’s like to  be on a budget. This class is a more affordable option than wasting all that time visiting doctors or researching online.  

A Quick and Easy Way to Master Your Hormones


his condensed masterclass will show you how to solve the root cause of your neurohormonal issues naturally and get back to feeling yourself again.  If you are a highly motivated, health conscious woman that has been trying to solve your health issues for several months or years by doctor hopping, spending countless hours on the internet and social media searching for solutions to fix your fatigue and neurohormonal issues, but have had no success, then this masterclass is for you.

Your masterclass includes:


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Here is what is you will learn in the Masterclass:

What are Hormones

What are Neurotransmitters

The Root Causes of Hormonal Imbalance

Strategies to help with Hormonal Imbalances

7 Easy Tips for You to keep hormones balanced

Case Studies & Testing Examples

...And much more

There hasn't been a better time to stop BEING controlled by your hormones

So, here's a bonus...

Because I really believe that so many woman could benefit from this master class, I want to make an irresistible offer…

If you sign up today you will also get a bonus download: The Harsh Truth About Back Fat.

If you are struggling with the following symptoms: fatigue, depression, anxiety, brain fog, stress, weight instability, or focus issues…

Whether you are Pre-menopausal, Peri-menopausal, Menopausal, Post Menopausal, or have no cycle.

There simply hasn’t been a better time to stop getting controlled by your hormones than today. 

It’s time for you to… 


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By now, you may be wondering who I am and why I've created this


My healing journey

Hi I’m Dr. Jayne Dabu, Doctor of Chinese Medicine, Functional Medicine Practitioner, Herbalist and Cancer Survivor.  I have helped thousands of people at my very busy clinic solve their toughest health challenges. 

I created the Stop Letting Hormonal Imbalances Ruin Your Life Masterclass because there are too many people looking for answers from conventional medicine who are frustrated with the answers they are getting and feel just as frustrated as I did when I was diagnosed with cancer and could not get any answers as to why my health issues were occuring in the first place.


What our women have to say

Here are just some of the ways the Stop Letting Hormonal Imbalances Ruin Your Life has helped other health conscious, highly motivated women, who are seeking a solution just like you:

One step away from taking back control

I can’t wait for you to get started.

And I can’t wait to be the one who guides you to taking back control of your hormones!

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Stop Letting Hormonal Imbalances Ruin Your Life

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