How to Stop Hormonal Imbalances From Controlling Your Life
(once and for all)...

Sick and Tired of Struggling with Hormonal Imbalance? Never do These 4 Things …

Are you sick of feeling roller coaster moods, fatigue, or depressed?

If so, you’re not alone, you’re just like me and most of the woman who visit my clinic. Women these days are suffering an epidemic of hormonal imbalances that is controlling our lives. No one likes to miss social events, lose their sex drive, or feel angry towards others…

But, whether we feel crazy around that time of the month, enter menopause way to early, or start to feel “ugh” all the time — it’s happening.

And that’s just the beginning many woman I see have been diagnosed with fibroids, polyps or cysts and are afraid of what it may turn into.

It’s just too common and it doesn’t need to be this way.

I understand because I was there too… in fact my hormone imbalances led me to developing cancer. However, I won and got my life back, and so can you.

I’m Dr. Jayne Dabu and I’ve been helping complex hormonal cases like yours in my clinic for the last 12 years. Read on and I’ll show you exactly what to do (and not do) to FINALLY balance your female hormones. To begin with I want to tell you the 4 things that I strongly urge you to stop doing as soon as possible (because they’ll simply never get you the results you want).

4 Things that Will Never Balance Your Hormones

1. “The pill” (hormone birth control) 

I’m pretty sure every woman in the US has been told to try the pill in their lifetime if they’ve had any hormonal related symptoms. And this makes me sick. Birth control pills “artificially” prop up hormone levels. When this happens there’s a cascade effect that happens in the body which throws many other hormones out of balance. Oftentimes a woman “feels” slightly better but on the inside the body is beginning to lose it’s rhythm and become dependent on outside drugs. The body begins to struggle to do it’s own job. And that’s when it “works”… however most women don’t find out the scary side effects until they try to come off birth control, at which point they will need help just beginning to cycle and become fertile again due to these issues.

2. Hormonal IUDs

If you didn’t opt for the pill, you may have opted for an IUD (Intrauterine device). Now in my opinion these are even scarier for your long term health. Yes they are great at avoiding pregnancy but the list of side effects is longer than this page allows. The reason why is that hormonal IUD’s are even less normal for your body than the “pill”. They have a steady dose of hormones that are like nothing the body would ever do. And sadly my experience is that women who are adversely affected by these can have the birth control effect last 3-10 years even after their IUDs have been removed. The most notable side effects of IUDs include: liver disease, high risk of breast cancer, severe cramps, pelvic pain, vaginal itching or infection. The point I’m trying to make is that using IUD’s to “fix”, “control”, or even “help” a woman with their hormones is absurd. A woman’s body works in cycles and rhythms and anything that violates this a very bad idea for long term health.

3. Anti-depressants

You know if you have hormonal problems your moods can have you wondering if your sane. And the truth is, too much or too little estrogen is the major cause. However, if you ask someone if you’re sane, or you are affected enough to have deep depressive episodes (more common than you think) you’ll end up getting prescribed an antidepressant. Which is just another band aid for what is actually a hormonal problem. Then of course you begin to get all the side effects of whichever one you are given. So, just be aware that you might get a few weeks of relief but the mood swings will be back, and then you’ll have to deal with low sex drive, malaise, and gain weight.

4. Hysterectomy

It might sound shocking but a surprisingly high number of women are told the way to deal with their hormonal problems is by removing their organs. However, I’ve seen over and over even if you have grapefruit sized fibroids, taking the uterus and/or the ovaries won’t help. The estrogen dominance is still present. Now we are missing more organs that were important in the communication of the endocrine system. Again, this is a band aid procedure with permanent consequences. What now happens is that one will be pushed to the other direction and into forced menopause. This type of menopause can be even worse because the endocrine system communication was not working to begin with. Now we have another problem! It’s very common for doctors to recommend these drastic measures to any woman who’s suffering from hormone issues. The worst part, as you can see, is they never actually try to fix anything. It’s all band-aids, or controlling and cutting up our female bodies. This isn’t want nature intended and that’s why they just don’t work… However I wanted to let you know about 3 things you can start today. 

3 Things that Always Help Balance Hormone Health

1. Only Use Organic Lipsticks 

I love to look good and I’m sure you do too. But not at the expense of my hormones… and one of the fastest ways to mess up our hormones is by using lipsticks that are full of heavy metals and xeno-extrogens. This is very common and the only way to avoid them is to use organic lipsticks. Do this today and you’ll be helping your hormones right away.

2. Eat an Avocado a Day

Hormones are actually built by “fat”. So in order to have great hormones we must eat fat (and no, you don’t get fat by eating fat). Try eating an avocado a day! Avocados are rich in essential nutrients, particularly vitamins, fatty acids and plant sterol compounds. These wonderful nutrients are packed into this nutritious food and helps to block estrogen absorption and promote progesterone in women, helping to balance hormones. As a result, ovulation and menstrual cycles normalize!

3. Find and Fix the Root Causes triggering and contributing to your hormonal imbalances

There’s a reason why your hormones are out of balance. It’s not a random occurrence… it’s happening for a reason. And that’s actually a great thing to relax into. Because just like if you have a sliver in your hand and you remove it your body heals. If you find and remove the causes of your hormone issues — your body has a really good chance of healing itself. This is the way to have balanced hormones. Find and eliminate any root causes associated with hormonal imbalance and then support the body as it naturally finds it’s rhythms again. If you’re like most people, you may have not just one of these root causes, but a combination of several of them. The 7 most common root causes are:

  1. Highly processed diet
  2. Nutritional deficiencies
  3. Underlying infections – bacterial, viral, yeast, parasites, etc.
  4. Hidden food allergies
  5. Heavy Metal & Heavy Chemical Toxin overload
  6. Hormonal imbalance
  7. Emotional stress

Finding out the root cause(s) can mean the difference between successful treatment or being stuck with dead end, band aid solutions or much worse down the line like irreversible chronic terminal illness. There are proven tests and ways for you to determine if you actually have these root causes. It’s not a random guessing game, there’s a method to checking for these issues and reversing them if they exist in you.

The 3 Stages of Hormone Dysfunction

– Level one: is when the symptoms are mild and only come before menstruation. This is when you should go ahead and address the issues immediately. It is easy to balance hormones at this stage.

– Level two: is when polyps, cysts, fibroids form and are small enough. Of course, this is when the symptoms are even worse with heavier bleeding and severe pms, or even worse if you are of perimenopause/menopausal age, this is when the doctor may recommend a hysterectomy. You should definitely be addressing your hormonal issues now or else your issues can get worse. It will take longer to help you later on unless it is too late.

– Level three: is when there is an actual diagnosis such as PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), infertility, breast, uterine/endometrial, ovarian, thyroid cancers, endometriosis, etc. Cysts may rupture, polyps and fibroids are larger. Tumors may get larger. Inflammation is elevated in the body, hormones are completely imbalanced and there are significant symptoms, and quality of life declines. This may be the only stage recognized by conventional medicine with not much to help balance hormones in a healthy way without surgery or hormone therapy.

Most women will keep getting progressively worse from stage 1 to the later parts of stage 3 (like I did). Which is not what you want. It’s much easier to fix a hormone system in stage 1 or 2. It takes much more time and intervention once you’ve gotten cancer like I did.

The point is… don’t wait… more time will only make it worse. 

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As a hormone cancer survivor and Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine I know what it takes to get better even when you’ve been given a very dire diagnosis. And I’ve developed a whole formula on how to find and remove the 7 common root causes above. This is my life’s work and I what I love to do. So if you’re frustrated with your current options to correct the hormonal imbalance…If you’re sick and tired of being told “this is how it is” or “suck it up”…Or if you’re starting to realize that if you don’t do something soon you may end up like me…I really encourage you to book a time with me and let’s talk. I’ll do my best to help you understand what stage you’re in, what your possible root causes are, and what your next best options are. 

And if you decide you want to work with me: then we’ll test, find, and remove all those root causes. We’ll rebuild your body so you can feel better than you can imagine. I look forward to working with you.- Dr. Jayne Dabu


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