4 ways to alleviate your PMS symptoms naturally

Dr. Jayne Dabu
Dr. Jayne Dabu

Functional medicine

It’s that time of the month again and you don’t want to deal with it, yet again!  Well, there are some things you can take action on today to lessen the pain and reduce the symptoms associated with pms.  If you suffer from PMS, then your hormones are definitely imbalanced.

What could be causing your hormonal imbalance?

  • Stress in your life
  • Eating sugar and processed foods
  • Not exercising
  • Body is full of toxicity

So what can you do to naturally balance your hormones?

Reduce the stress in your life

In this day and age we are pulled in many different directions.  From school, to work, to children, to family and in general meeting the basic demands of life.

When we are continuously under high stress, our cortisol levels (stress hormone) increases. When it increases, it causes an imbalance of the female hormones.  When the hormones are imbalanced we become either estrogen or progesterone dominant.

No matter what, you have to carve out time for yourself.  You will have to make You the most important priority. The time to yourself can be quiet time, being alone, or time spent in meditation.

Simple things you can start is just paying attention to your breathing.  Take 15-30 slow deep breaths at least three times per day. In doing so, you begin to re-regulate your nervous system.

Take up your favorite hobby. Also practice self care.  Make it a habit of taking care of your health by having monthly Acupuncture treatments and massage therapy.  These self care activities are a lifestyle and greatly decrease your stress levels in your body. So make it a lifestyle!

Avoid sweets, caffeine, processed foods and alcohol

Sweets, caffeine, processed foods and alcohol are the cause of those awful cramps you have.  These types of foods causes high inflammation in the body. If you want less cramping, eat healthy! No more diets full of sugar and processed foods!

If you are craving these foods before your period, it’s because you have been lacking protein and good fat in your regular diet.

This is the easiest advice, yet the most difficult to implement.  But begin by eating a diet full of at least 50% protein, 30% complex carbs, 20% healthy fats regularly.

Exercise regularly

Doing regular exercise actually helps to alleviate with the fatigue, bloating, cramping and depression during pms.  Aerobic activity that increases your heart rate is good such as swimming, biking, aerobic class, running, treadmill etc.  Begin with at least 30-40 minutes three times per week.

Doing regular exercise increases the endorphins in your brain, thus reducing the amount of pain you feel during pms.

Yoga is also a wonderful exercise as it helps to regulate your nervous system and therefore your hormones as well. It helps to reduce stress which is a large part of your pms symptoms. If you try it for twelve weeks, you will see that your bloating, cramps and mood will all improve!

Do a detox program

Cleaning out your body is extremely important.  The more toxins in your body, the higher the risk of you having horrible pms.  Toxins put stress on our bodies and disrupt the balance of our hormones. These toxins could be in the form of xeno-estrogen causing estrogen dominance in our body.  Therefore we want to remove as much of it as possible.

I like to begin in little steps.  Begin by with juicing on the weekends. Start with just half a day of juicing, then do an entire weekend.

After you have the hang of that, then begin to eat a lot of dark leafy green vegetables to clean out your liver.

During this time you are also cutting out sodas, caffeine, alcohol and sweets from your diet and drinking only water.

Once you have the hang of the above steps, then begin doing a detoxification program or kit.  Begin with 3 days, then try 7 days, then 14 days, 21 days and finally, 28 days.

If you need help beginning a detoxification program, I have an excellent one that is so gentle it can help you to begin to cleanse your detox organs (liver, kidney, lungs, large intestines and lymph) over a 14 day period.

After you detox successfully and begin living a detoxifying lifestyle, you will find that your pms symptoms will be greatly reduced or even completely gone!

PMS does not have to be a monthly life sentence.  You can gain control over your monthly symptoms.

If you have tried all of the above and still are suffering from horrible PMS, I encourage you to download my free report to discover what hidden things could be in your food and cosmetics that could also be causing your pms.

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