4 Reasons Estrogen is Stopping Your Weight Loss

Dr. Jayne Dabu
Dr. Jayne Dabu

Functional medicine

Have you tried every type of diet and exercise plan and still can’t lose weight?

We know that diet supplements don’t work, yo-yo dieting doesn’t work, diet plans that don’t teach you how to eat healthy, but is just based on a point system and starving yourself doesn’t work.

Consider this…. The root cause is the excess estrogen keeping you from losing weight.

A lot of people approach weight loss the ordinary way, but they don’t think about the hormonal component to it.  It is important to understand what steps you need to take to correct this hidden component to weight loss. And in addition if you can correct this issue, it will contribute to improving your overall hormonal health way into your future….. And I have got a free report that can help give you even more information!

These are the 4 reasons can causes excess estrogen in the body therefore stopping you from losing weight.

  1.     Poor, sluggish digestion
  2.     Cortisol hormone imbalance due to stress
  3.     Insomnia due to hormonal imbalance
  4.     Toxicity in your body due to congested organs

You could be suffering from all the above reasons, not just one.

So, no matter how great your diet is or how much you exercise, this could be a detrimental piece to your weight loss and overall hormonal health.

Poor, sluggish, weak digestion

Remember in college when you could stay up late in the dorms eating tons of pizza and fast food and it never seemed to bother your digestion?  However, as the years went by, you realized you could not put your digestion through all that type and amount of food.

You eventually learned that those were the wrong foods to eat and began to eat organic and clean.  But no matter how organic and clean you ate, you still ended up with poor, sluggish and weak digestion.  You just are not able to metabolize like you used to! What’s worse is you are now suffering from irregular bowel movements.

What you may not realize is that years of poor diet and eating foods full of preservatives have caught up with you.  Your digestion and metabolism have slowed. The preservatives have now accumulated in your body.

If you have poor, sluggish digestion, then the excess xeno estrogen from the preservatives are being re-circulated in the body on top of the already existing estrogen in your body, thus making monthly periods worse and creating a lot of other symptoms.

In addition, these xeno estrogens can accumulate in the thyroid and liver.

The optimal functioning of the thyroid, liver and digestive system are detrimental to weight loss.  The thyroid is important in that it is in charge of metabolism and digestion. Having a sluggish thyroid will also lead to a sluggish digestion.  When the liver is sluggish, so is digestion and bowel movements. As a result, weight gain ensues.

Cortisol Hormonal Imbalance due to stress

When you suffer from stress, you upset the delicate balance of the endocrine system. Stress will increase cortisol levels and as a result cause stubborn belly fat and weight gain.  When cortisol levels are high, fluid retention, exhaustion and a whole host of other issues occur.

As a result of high cortisol levels, female hormone levels become imbalanced. Progesterone levels lower and estrogen levels are higher, thus leading to estrogen dominant issues.  With higher estrogen and high cortisol levels, now the body has a double whammy and it makes it very difficult to lose weight now.

Logically, one would think that only if they double or triple their efforts exercising, they will lose weight… Nope!  So in a last ditch effort, most women will exercise continuously for several days in a row not giving their bodies a rest.  This continuous over exercise is very stressful and detrimental to the body. It will causing even higher cortisol levels in the body.  As a result, instead of weight loss, one may see no change in weight loss or much worse, weight gain!

Not enough sleep

When you don’t sleep, you will not lose weight. Period.  Insomnia causes weight gain.

So how does hormonal health contribute to insomnia?

  1. Estrogen dominance affects the thyroid organ.
  2. An imbalance between estrogen and progesterone can cause problems falling asleep and wakefulness at night
  3. High cortisol levels will cause insomnia

As a result, “Sleep deprivation has been shown to lower leptin (an appetite-suppressing hormone produced by fat cells, which is normally produced in abundance at night) and increase ghrelin, (a hormone released by the stomach that stimulates hunger, which is also secreted at night but normally in lesser amounts). Research subjects were found to have an increased sense of hunger and tended to reach for carbohydrate-dense, sweet, and salty foods when sleep deprived.” (Vanessa Bennington, “Breaking Muscle”)

Toxicity due to congested organs

Eating foods full of preservatives over the years will lead to bio-accumulation of xeno estrogen in organs in the body. As a result, the detoxification organs such as the liver, lungs, large intestines, kidneys that filter out waste become congested.  These detox pathways become backed up with toxicity and the body holds onto toxicity longer than it needs to.

These toxins re-circulate throughout the body causing harm throughout from organ tissue regeneration, to DNA mutation to endocrine disruption and so on.

You won’t be able to lose weight effectively or at all if your organs are congested.

Also, xenoestrogen (xeno meaning “foreign” estrogen) has similar molecular structure to estrogen and take up all the receptor sites on the cell and as a result block normal messaging of the body’s natural estrogen. This causes endocrine disruption.

Therefore, if you have xenoestrogen filling up receptor sites of the cells, then all your already existing estrogen increases and results in estrogen dominance. And as we have said before, estrogen dominance creates weight gain.

It’s not the end of the world

Knowing and understanding how the excess estrogen and these previously mentioned 4 reasons are stopping your weight loss makes a difference in what your next steps will be.

What will you do now?

If you’re serious about wanting to lose weight and improve your over hormonal health, now is the time to take action.

Download my free report to discover what hidden things could be in your food and cosmetics that could also be causing your weight gain.

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